The Service Mesh for Kubernetes: Complete Guide to Building Scalable, Resilient Applications

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Over the past year, the service mesh has emerged as a critical component of the cloud native stack. High-traffic companies like PayPal, Lyft, Ticketmaster and Credit Karma have all added a service mesh to their production applications. 

But what is a service mesh, exactly? And why is it suddenly relevant?

In this ebook we will:

  • Defines the service mesh and traces its lineage through shifts in application architecture over the past decade.
  • Distinguish the service mesh from the related, but distinct, concepts of API gateways, edge proxies, and the enterprise service bus.
  • Provide a series of hands-on tutorials on how to use Linkerd as a service mesh on Kubernetes. 
  • Describe where the service mesh is heading, and what to expect as this concept evolves alongside cloud native adoption.